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(Left) This is my friend, Chris.

He’s 24, a Texas Tech graduate (with a noooot too shabby job), and is hands down one of the most down-to-earth & funny guys I know.

(Right) This is my best friend, Lacey.

21 in March, Blond, hilarious, can keep up with any sports-related convo, and easily one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

Here’s the thing, Tumblr universe… They need Valentine’s dates. I promise I’m not pimping them out, I just need a little help here hahah.
Preferably in DFW/ with a good sense of humor!

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Stay classy, Florida

To say I’ve had an incredible July so far would be an understatement.

My family vacation to Miami and Key West was so relaxing, fun, and eye opening. It included large doses of my favorite things: amazing food, being a beach bum, and shopping.

Miami was so ALIVE. The city, the beaches, the people… all absolutely beautiful. I never realized what a big “Fashion city” it really is. It was hard not to be envious of some of the adorable outfits I saw girls wearing down the streets! I saw a lot of hats; mainly floppy “beachy” ones, but also a TON of cute fedoras. A lot of floral print, the colors: coral, turquoise, nude, and  minty green. We also went inside DASH miami (the infamous Kardashian’s store) where my mom-  an avid “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” watcher- almost had a heart attack. The verdict: Extremely cute but extremely over priced. That’s why I have forever 21 haha.

I also discovered the BEST restaurant/bar: Crazy Mexican Taco Bar. SOOOOO good. I had it two days in a row! Their crazy nachos were to die for. one day had them with beef fajita, and the other with chicken fajita. And to accompany a wonderful meal, you couldn’t skimp out on the drink… horchata was the way to go.

We spent the fourth of july mainly in south beach, but decided to go back to our hotel in downtown miami for dinner and the firework show on the bay. The show was unbelievable! Miami really does know how to celebrate the fourth. When we got back to our hotel room, my sister and I sat near our window and soaked in our 10th story view of Downtown, it was so beautiful.

The next day we mosied on down to Key West! Now, if anyone has ever heard anything about key west you’ve probably heard that it’s the most beautiful place in the US, or that the beaches are incredible, or that you instantly fall in love. Well, I did NOT fall in love at first sight. Key west did not exceed, or even MEET my expectations upon first arrival. It was wet, and yes, there were palm trees, but it wasn’t “tropical” or “beachy”. It did not have cute streets, or shops, or restaurants. It was wet, and dark, and looked like galveston. I was so heartbroken. I kept telling myself that it would get better…. but it didnt. Just kidding. It TOTALLY got better. Turns out we were just on the “newer” side of the island which was built to double the size of the island a while back and which was mainly a stretch of homes and highways. After taking a trolley (yes, one of those ADORABLE things you see on postcards) down to the REAL Key West for the first time, I knew I would never want to leave. Shops as far as the eyes could see, people smiling and laughing on outside patios drinking beer, margaritas and tropical drinks out of coconuts, people walking down the streets in their swim suits, mopeds and bikes everywhere, wild roosters roaming down the streets and no one seeming to have a care in the world… it was awesome.

(yep, THATS a walgreens!)

I came to the conclusion that Their motto should be: “Key West: home of the wild roosters” or maybe: “Key West: Where every hand has a drink and every bar has a live band” But really, walking past bars, as lame as this sounds, was my fave. Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, and Elvis were up top on their sound tracks. I did finally try drinking some fresh coconut water. It was… different. I don’t think It’s going to become one of my regulars anytime soon though haha.

We also got to visit the “Southern most point in the continental US” where Cuba was only 90 miles from! After we took a break at Jimmy Buffet’s original Margaritaville and got to see his personal studio as well as kenny chesneys house!, then hung out at sunset pier (so fun) before taking a glass-bottom boat tour of the reef!There were so many little (and BIG) fishes swimming around. We almost took a snorkeling trip but they were fully booked!

Our last day in Key West was bittersweet. We were so happy we had the opportunity to visit but sad we were leaving. You could tell the island (which was not even the size of GP) was sad to see us go because of the constant drizzle on our last day. We took one last visit to the beach to say our goodbyes!

On the ride back, I got in trouble for not putting away my phone when I was supposed to because I was taking pictures of clouds. All I kept thinking was “this plane and the ground are making a cloud sandwich.” hahah! Unfortunately I couldn’t whip out my camera fast enough to capture the rainbow we saw. If you have never seen a rainbow from up top… you’re not living. I swear God must have the best view ever. lucky.

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"A week without facebook"

For the sake of expirimentation, I’ve decided to go a week without logging into facebook. Although a week isn’t much (and a MONTH would certainly be a little more scientifically friendly), I feel like I just need a break. Social media has over taken our lives and it’s become the norm. So,

Will my grades improve?
Will I actually have time to do homework?
Will my room get cleaner?
Will my boyfriend stop complaining?
Will I get a better nights sleep?
Will I die of boredom?
…who knows.

I’ve decided to delete the FB app on my phone just to help fight that natural urge during class. Now, I understand this could possibly be the most ridiculously retarded thing I could post… but I don’t care. What was life before facebook? before myspace… before xanga? I really don’t remember… and I’ts pretty saddening. let’s see how this goes…

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