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(Left) This is my friend, Chris.

He’s 24, a Texas Tech graduate (with a noooot too shabby job), and is hands down one of the most down-to-earth & funny guys I know.

(Right) This is my best friend, Lacey.

21 in March, Blond, hilarious, can keep up with any sports-related convo, and easily one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

Here’s the thing, Tumblr universe… They need Valentine’s dates. I promise I’m not pimping them out, I just need a little help here hahah.
Preferably in DFW/ with a good sense of humor!

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Late night conversation:

Lacey: they have rent control In NYC?
Me: yeah, that’s why Monica and Rachel got that apartment for so cheap.
Lacey: they got grandfathered in? how do you know that?
Me: she said her nana lived there before she did, that’s where Ross stayed the summer he tried becoming a dancer.
Lacey: hahah! He wanted to be dancer?! And look at him now… A paleontologist!
Me: …are we talking about Friends characters like they really exist?!
Both: *proceed to laugh asses off

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