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Weekend Update:

This weekend was for Hunger Games midnight screenings, (followed by an extremely early: 9AM) UTA campus tour, Independent film-watching-Fridays: Jeff Who Lives at Home, (Rushed-homework so you could be a part of:) Celebration Saturday: BJ’s and Low Dark Hill’s debut show at Club Dada for Lacey’s 21st, and last but not least, Relaxing Sunday: Spent most of the day playing with puppies, dancing to oldies, eating ice cream on the lawn, and watching netflix, then had the BEST dinner at erik’s: Steak, (special occasion) potato salad, rice, and Sopapilla cheesecake a la mode for dessert.

Olivia playing with the while puppy, Cuteness Overload!

P.S. Did anyone else’s Sundays feel a little empty without The Walking Dead?

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